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Area of Studies / Methodology

At present the task of the institute is doing interdisciplinary research work within the following fields of studies:

Our research is based on the so-called "integral methodology". That is a way to combine phenomenological views, single detailed analysis, references between different issues, and a synopsis to get solutions of scientific questions. We draw special attention on the interconnection, the superposition,the complementarity, and the inconsistency of methods and contents. You can find an explication of this approach in Rappenglück, 1999 (Eine Himmelskarte aus der Eiszeit? Frankfurt a. Main: Peter Lang, 1999; Ph.D. thesis).

The "integral methodology" may be succesful used for research of other topics, which need an interdisciplinary approach.

We cooperate with other organisations and share different approaches. I case you are interested in a collaboration please contact us info@infis.org.